Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 5

Well, we've made it through week 5--time is going by fast! This week $200 was donated which give us a new total of $1,915. We didn't make it to $2,000, but we're close--maybe next week! A bunch of people have added my blog to theirs, and I want to say THANK YOU to all those people--I am getting hits from people who are coming from your blog. We're almost to 1,000 hits! Keep coming back and checking out the updates--you never know, I may have a new story of destruction for you (although my mom hasn't bought flour to replace what I dumped earlier this week, so I'll have to go for something different). Oh--I'm also going up to Brigadoon on Saturday to visit with the doggies again, so I'll let you know how that goes. Keep checking back!

1 comment:

noel joy said...

hey there you little flour-dumping boy! let your mama have a little rest this week. i hope things are a little more back to normal for you with spring break ending. :D

love you.

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