Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Locksmith or criminal?

In order to minimize bathroom toiletry damage, Mom and Dad lock their bathroom door when I'm in their room (when they remember to--if they forget I have some fun with shaving cream--which was the case last week). One day they needed to open the door quickly so they took a wire hanger and popped out the lock with it. So yesterday I got into their closet and grabbed a wire hanger. Mom and Dad gave me a strange look but let me walk away with the hanger. Mom heard a strange noise coming from my bedroom (she had an idea of what I was doing but couldn't believe it) so she went and checked on me. I had locked my bedroom door, went inside my room and started to pick the lock on my door!

**This makes more sense if you know that Mom and Dad had to put a lock on my door on the outside so that if I get up in the middle of the night they can put me back in my room and lock the door so I can't get out.**

So now they're wondering if I'm going to be a locksmith or a criminal!

The other day they didn't lock my door and I woke up at 3:00am, went into my sister's room, turned her light on, jumped on her, found a bottle of blue tempera paint, took it to the bathroom, and painted the sink :) nice.

In other news:
Yesterday we went up to Brigadoon to visit Bond. Mom, Dad, Bond and I went on a little walk while we were there. For the first part of the walk I was tethered to him, and the other part I held his leash. I hung out with him, and Mom and Denise talked about the next steps. Denise is coming to the house in a couple of weeks to do a "home visit". She'll be checking out what our house is like and start scheduling days for Bond to come and stay with us. He'll stay with me for a few days/week at a time to ease into our routine here while he's still in his training. Graduation date is set for October 25th, so on that date Bond should be "officially" mine.

Here are some pictures of my visit:

Here we are on our walk with me tethered to Bond.

Walking along...

Mom unclipping the leash so I could walk him.

Walking Bond back to Brigadoon.

Hangin' out in the office after a hard day's work!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy birthday to me (and I outdid myself today)

Today I celebrated my 8th birthday by waking up NICE and EARLY. Mom isn't even sure how early I woke up, but I took a nice little snooze at school today! Mom made cookies for me to take to school, and Dad, Cameron and Madison came by in the afternoon to share them with my 2 classes. We had one of my favorite foods (pizza) for dinner tonight, and seeing as how I'd already had a ton of cookies at school, Mom put candles on the pizza and they sung Happy Birthday to me that way!!!! After dinner I opened some presents, got to play in shaving cream (on purpose), took a bath, and got to go play at McDonald's!!

Now here is where it gets good.

Just when Mom and Dad are beginning to think I've grown out of my escaping "issues", I decide to give them a story for the blog.

So like I told you earlier, Dad, Cameron, Madison and I went to McDonald's to go play on the playground there. Another dad with two kids was there as well. While they were gearing up to go, our two families were talking in front of the exit between the play area and restaurant. Somehow in the middle of all of those people (6 to be exact), I sneaked through. The family left and Dad realized that he hadn't heard me making any noises, so he sent Cameron and Madison out to find me. About that time a lady behind the counter asked Dad if "that was his son that went outside" (it was). So Dad ran outside where he found me....sitting in a red pickup truck with a gray dog and his sixty-something year-old owner. Imagine you're this guy. You're minding your own business, ordering some food for the road, you drive up to get your order, and while you're paying for your order, your passenger door opens and an 8 year-old boy (who doesn't talk) crawls up into your truck, closes the door behind him, and hangs out. That is where Dad found me. Now imagine you're my dad, running outside because you can't find your son, only to see him sitting in some strange man's (running) pickup truck....Mom is trying to think more about that poor guy's perspective and not what it was like to be in Dad's shoes. It's easier that way.

So, on that note, if there was still a question as to whether or not I still "need" Bond, the answer is a definite YES! It's a good thing I get to go see Bond in 2 weeks!!! I'll keep you all posted!

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