Monday, May 19, 2008

We hit another goal!

So after 10 weeks the total is.....(drum roll).....$3,035!!! We are getting there! Thanks again to everyone who is helping out with this! Come back on Sunday because we go to Brigadoon on Saturday, so I'll have an update for you by then! Oh--on a side note, this week I emptied mom's powdered sugar AND flour canisters (the garage looked like snow!). Fun for me, not for them! But I'm still alive so we'll see what's next!


Sarah E. said...

Aaron I am so excited about the total! So so close! :) I just know you will have the dog so soon! YAY! As for the canisters, can't help ya there. Although my little boy once emptied the entire bag of dog food in the kitchen. Lots of fun! XOXOXO

Office Lady said...

Hey Aaron - ask your Mom and Aunt Noel if we are ready to sell those cute dog tags!

Jackie said...

How funny......did you take a picture of the snow????

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