Sunday, June 22, 2008

The car wash results are in...

Thank you so much to the Explorers Search and Rescue for donating their time today washing cars, and raising a total of $900!!! There were at least 15 people there (13 of whom had never met me) to wash cars! I hung out with them for a couple of hours in Granite Falls, and although I wasn't much help, Cameron and Madison were, and Mom was able to talk with some of the people who were donating to my cause. I've got some pictures that show our fun day! So between the car wash and other donations over the past two weeks, our new grand total is $4,120! We are so close--only $880 left to go! Mom is going to talk to Denise this week to see when I can go up again to see the doggies. I'll keep you posted!

Carolyn is helping me wash cars--I thought it was more fun to watch the soap squeeze out of the sponge!

Cameron and Madison (my brother and sister for those of you who don't know) are bringing the people in with their great sign holding abilities.

Cameron and Madison posing for the camera

A good line of cars going on!

That's how you get it done!

Playing in the bubbles instead of working!

They had the Search and Rescue truck out there with the lights flashing!

Here I am sitting inside the Search and Rescue truck. Hopefully this will be the only time I'm inside this thing!!!


Dawn said...

WOW!!! That is fabulous!!! You are so close!! That was so nice of all those people to come out and help you!

Jackie said...

Love that picture of him in the Search and Rescue truck.....don't get used to that excitement will need more than hair color for your will need to buy a defibulator for her heart :)

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