Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 12 Update & Story

As of June 1, we have been fundraising for 12 weeks--you have donated a total of $3,075! Way to go!

Now for my naughty story....on Monday my mom went out to dinner with some girls to celebrate a birthday, which left Dad at the helm for the evening. After Mom left I went to my room and played on the computer, and that's where Dad thought I was. But it was too quiet, so he went to check on me and I wasn't there (shocker). What he found when he opened up the bathroom door was an empty can of shaving cream (that had been opened that morning), and a bathroom floor under a half-inch of water! It even leaked into the garage! Needless to say the bathroom floor is clean (you're welcome Dad) and I had a few minutes of fun. Mom is just glad it wasn't on her watch so she didn't have to clean it! Maybe I don't want a service dog, he might take all of my trouble fun away....

1 comment:

Jackie said...

You didn't tell me that story :) What a naughty boy you are Aaron :)

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