Sunday, August 31, 2008

Car Wash Success!

Well today was a huge success! A big thank you to Tristan (she is my ABA therapist who has worked with me the past 5 years), the Haggen's Starbucks, and the North County Firefighters! A total of 54 volunteers showed up to wash cars for my cause! When all was said and done $1,500 was raised to go toward my service dog. We don't have a grand total from Denise yet so I can't give you that number yet, but it will be coming soon. Thank you to everyone who helped out and those of you who prayed for sun (it dumped rain the day before)!!! Here are some pictures from the fun day:

Tristan put the announcement on a board at the busy intersection

Some of the firefighters who helped out

Playing in the suds

Tristan helping me wash cars

Amelia from Starbucks bringing out some drinks for us

Torrey (my cousin) and Madison (my sister) yelling at cars--they had some people who didn't have time to get their car washed just give money to them, one guy was pulling out and turned around saying "how can you refuse those two", and one lady jumped the curb because they were yelling so loud! :)

Denise brought Bond to the carwash, and this was a tether experiment we did--it worked and was really cool for Mom and Denise to see

Bond and I hanging out

Hanging out with one of the signs

Tristan helping wash cars

The firefighters "supervising"

I'm supervising on the lawn chair drinking Dr. Pepper :)

Tristan giving me a hug


noel joy said...

yeah! :) i'm so glad it went well. i love the one of aaron and bond.

Jackie said...

Cool the one of Tristan and the lighting...

Liz said...

SUPER! I can't say that I am not sad about gypsy, but hey.. Bond is adorable and the pics look like he really cares for Aaron. I just spoke to Sophia and she said that we are doing the Drawing for the basket on thursday at 12:30. after taht we will get the checks over to Brigadoon. Thanks again for letting us help out!


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