Saturday, September 13, 2008

A total

Mom got an email from Denise with a total to date: $6,808.87!!! Thank you to all of those who have done fundraisers for my dog. While Denise's donation for these dogs is $5,000, the total cost to board, train, and take care of these dogs is about $33,000 EACH! Denise does NOT take a salary, and works her organization primarily on volunteers. There is still a difference in cost, so lets not stop here. Just because we've raised funds so that I can get a dog--her organization still has needs, and there are other kids out there just like me who we can help.

I'm sure you're asking the question of what happens now that we've raised all of the money. Well, we have to wait for a dog to be matched and trained. IF Bond works out, it will be a year before he is ready to come home to live with me. So say a prayer that he will be a fit and a fast learner! :)

I'm hoping to go visit next week, so I'll put pictures up and let you know how it goes!



Dawn said...

Congrats Aaron!!!!! That is so cool! You are gonna get a dog! I am so happy for you and for everyone that helped you earn that money! You deserve it! :)

Jackie said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that the monies are in and now we work on finding a dog for you

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