Saturday, January 17, 2009

Autism Sings concert update & next Brigadoon visit

The concert last night was amazing. I was even able to sit through it (although Mom bribed me with sour gummy worms). My dad (of course) was awesome! I did manage to escape Mom's grip at the end of the concert and run through the emergency exit. LUCKILY the alarm didn't go off, so Mom was relieved about that one. I also ran up to the stage then into the back during intermission, but Dad was right behind me so I didn't get too far away--just enough to get him a little exercise!!! Last night Mom was really wishing Bond were there to help keep me corralled! But the event was a success--there were 330 people there and over $4,000 was raised for Autism Speaks. Yay!

Mom emailed Denise, and we will be going to visit Bond on Feb. 16th. I'll make sure to have Mom take lots of pictures and see what the current status of my new friend is. :)

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