Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm on a roll!

The weather is nicer, and that's when I do my best escaping. I've got three consecutive days, I'm going for four! My adventure for today was to wait until my sister left the front door open. (I love human error). Mom was in the back room, and of course, it got quiet. She came out to find the front door wide open, and the search ensued. I was hanging out in the car. AAAHHH! Now I couldn't let Mom and Dad off that easy, so I decided to sneak a can of shaving cream outside when they weren't looking. Mom snapped a few pictures of my fun before hosing me down. Enjoy the pictures. I think the next thing we're going to do is raise money for hair coloring to cover the gray hair Mom now has!
Discharging the shaving cream

Shaving cream feels good between the toes...

Squish the cream

A trail of shaving cream

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