Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Successful visit to Brigadoon

I have to say that today was the best visit so far! It started out with me, Mom, and Denise inside with Gypsy, but the weather was too nice, so we decided to go outside. This turned out to be a fantastic move. I was able to run around and do things I like (play in dirt and rocks) which made it easier for me to be with a dog. It was pretty cool to see the way Gypsy paid attention to me even though Denise had all the treats (Mom and Denise were pleased with that). Denise would tell Gypsy "find Aaron" and then Gypsy would come running to me. She would hang out with me for a minute and go back to Denise for a treat. She did this over and over again. Gypsy followed me around and smelled me a bunch, and I allowed her in my space and gave her some love. It was pretty neat for Mom to finally SEE the beginning of the possibilities of having a service dog. So here's where we're at: at this point is I'm going to continue meeting only with Gypsy to see how the interactions go so we know if she will be a good fit. Mom is working on scheduling another day to go up there for a visit. Hopefully we can get a bunch of visits in while the weather is still nice. Here are some pictures from today--have a good night!

Hanging out on the big tires in the doggie play park in the backyard.

Gypsy is playing in the dirt with me

Gypsy is running toward me after Denise said "find Aaron"

Gypsy following me around

Hanging out in the play tube

Gypsy is watching over me in the tube

Me & Gypsy



Jackie said...

Those pictures are great......glad Gypsy was able to keep her eyes on you Aaron....hopefully she will train up fast for you

Sarah E. said...

What wonderful pictures! My son Zachary has that same shirt. It sounds like Gypsy really likes you! I hope you get to go visit her a whole bunch before you bring her home! Lots of Love,
Sarah E.

Danica - Thank you for the blog comments, the appt went very well. I updated my blog with what happened but I will email you later today! XOXO

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