Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to square one

Well today didn't go exactly as we had hoped. When we got to Brigadoon today Denise told us that Gypsy has gone to another little boy with autism. We are a little disappointed, but happy for the boy who is getting a wonderful dog. So where does that put us? Back to the beginning!! Denise only has three dogs that would be a possibility for me. Two of them I have met in the past--Nugget and Bond. So today started out by meeting them again. Bond came in first and I wasn't interested in interacting with him at all. I wouldn't feed him treats or anything. Denise eventually took him out and brought Nugget in. The same thing happened with Nugget--I touched her long enough for mom to snap a picture. We decided to go outside with Nugget to see if that would make a difference--nope. Nugget was more than happy to run everywhere outside and play ball with anyone, but didn't show any special interest in me. Since we were outside Denise decided to bring Bond back out to see what he would do. And what we discovered was that a collie is the breed of dog I need. Bond was attentive just like Gypsy was. He was always checking me out even though Mom, Dad and Denise were there. He even made quite the effort to get me to play ball with him. It was incredible to see the difference between Nugget and Bond. Being outside makes a big difference because I enjoy being outside so there isn't a "forced" (not in a bad way) interaction, and Denise can see how the dog is going to interact and protect me in a more natural environment. As it stands now, we go back up the next two Wednesdays so we'll see what happens at those visits. I'll keep you posted as we know more. For now enjoy the pictures from today :)

Posing for a picture with Nugget

Dad, Me and Bond (see how close Bond is walking to me)

Strike a pose with Bond

Just laying around with Bond

Catching some rays

Bond trying to go through the tire with me with Denise watching

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