Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"I think you've got a dog"

Those were the words from Denise on Saturday when my mom took me up to Brigadoon. Here's what happened: Mom took me, Cameron and Madison up to Brigadoon on Saturday. Up until this point she hasn't taken Cameron and Madison because she's wanted the focus to be on me (and besides they ask a TON of questions). But this time they had to come. When we got up there Denise had Bond out and Madison went up to him and started to give him treats. This made Mom a little nervous because she didn't want Bond to pay more attention to Cameron and Madison than me. So we went outside, and there the magic happened. Bond ignored Cameron and Madison and followed me around. Mom says you have to see it to believe it--she was amazed at the instinct that Bond had. To top it off, I was responsive to Bond and didn't mind having him with me the entire time. I would pet him, I threw a ball to him a couple of times, and tried to ride him like a horse!! The "ah ha" moment they have been waiting for finally happened. At the end Denise said she was "grinning from ear to ear inside". So, Bond is going to be MINE! So where do we go from here? Starting soon (probably end of October, beginning of November)--Denise will start training Bond for what I need. I'm not sure how long that process is going to take, but in the mean time I'll be heading up there for visits to continue "bonding" with Bond! :) I'll continue to keep you all posted, so keep checking back! If you have any other burning questions, post them and I'll write up a response! Here are some pictures from our very successful visit!!!

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