Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Especially Naughty & Brigadoon Graduation Ceremony

I haven't posted for a while, but I have been keeping mom on her toes (and the soap companies in business) so I thought I'd give you a few quick stories. Over the past week, I have dumped an entire bottle of shampoo (in the toilet), a bottle of liquid hand soap (in the sink), and my mom's NICE bathwash (in the bathtub--it has a cool pump)--oh and have emptied 3 (yes THREE) cans of shaving cream. (Mom wants to add that they really do watch me--I just sneak away too quick and am sooooo quiet). I didn't think it was fair that my mom was the only person subject to my tornado of destruction, so when we went over to a friend's house last night, I snuck away (from the babysitter who was supposed to be watching me) to the bathtub and emptied HER entire bottle of shampoo. Boy was that a mess to clean up (sorry Mandy). Mom is a little tired of liquid being poured everywhere, so she is wondering if anyone knows of shampoo in the form of a bar? She'll have to buy one for all of her friends though! I have also been sneaking scissors and hiding them so I can cut off my tracking device when no one is looking. I think they are going to start charging mom for all of the bands I've cut through! They now have to keep extra ones at school too because I'm cutting them off there too!

On another note, Mom, Grum and Madison attended Brigadoon's Graduation Ceremony on Sunday. Denise held graduation for four service dogs who have gone to live with their person. It was very imspirational to hear their stories, and see how their dog is making a difference in their life. There was one boy there about my age with autism whose dog was graduating. He was harnessed, and kept looking around trying to get away. The dog was tethered to him and just sat there so he couldn't go anywhere. It was a moving time, and at the end Denise told my mom that next year that would be me up there on that stage. This ceremony was also a fundraiser, and I'm hoping that Denise raised a bunch of money for her organization. They have a ton of needs--so if you know anyone who wants to donate to a worthy cause, her organization could definitely use the help.

Mom is working with Denise to set up a time for me to go up there and visit with Bond again, so we'll keep you posted as soon as that visit happens. Have a great day!

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