Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mom can't wait for my friend

I'm going to put a disclaimer on this post so there is no confusion. Mom is not expecting Bond to "fix" me or prevent me from all of the destruction I have planned; however, Mom IS looking forward to the possibility of less mess! So here is how the last few days have played out: I have been sick with a cold, so last week was a rough week for all of us. I have been known to throw little temper tantrums every once in a while, but this past week I have thrown some of the worst tantrums my parents, therapist and school has ever seen. It has been really hard on Mom and Dad this week, and they are kind of at a loss of what to do. So in addition to that going on, I have been enjoying getting into a little more trouble. Other than my usual shampoo dumping (which I have moved to the toilet) here is a story. Sunday turned into a particularly not-so-good-day with my mom. The day started out fairly nice. Mom and I went to Target and Costco to do a little shopping. She bought me a piece of pizza and we had lunch together before we did our shopping. Once we were done with Costco, Mom put me in the car and started unloading the groceries from the cart into the trunk. At this point I found a cup of water, went to the back seat, and dumped it all over the seat. I looked her right in the eye as I did it too! (She said "no" before I dumped it, but I didn't listen). She gently and nicely told me to sit down in my seat, so I did--I knew I was in trouble! She finished unloading the groceries, closed the door and took the cart back. She got in the car and started driving off when she smelled something....and decided to look back at me. Well, while she was gone putting the cart away (literally 10 seconds away), I decided to get into the two cans of shaving cream that were in a bag. I thought the inside of the car would look so much nicer with shaving cream all over it--oh and myself. It was a big mess, and at that point I'm pretty lucky I'm alive. She cleaned me up the best she could and drove on home. (Ironically Mom had to buy new shaving cream because I had emptied the last one). So by this time Mom had had it, but the day was young (only 1:30) forward to the evening... Mom looked at the computer I use because it was turned off only to find it sitting in a pool of water. Yes, my computer is now fried. No more computer for me. :( I am very sad, and Mom is trying to have sympathy, but at the same time she is mourning the loss of a computer at my hands. So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. She won't let me near her computer (I'm not sure why), so I'm kind of on self-inflicted computer restriction. So if you have a magic trick to resurrect a computer, please please please let her know. :)

Well I'm tired thinking about all the trouble I got into this weekend!!! Mom thought I was having a fairly good evening until I got into the shampoo.....oh well. It's bedtime now, so it should be trouble-free around here for a few hours anyway. Nighty night!

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