Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why try?

Yesterday was NOT a good day. It seems like we are having a lot of those lately. It was Veteran's Day yesterday so I was out of school. Sometimes I do okay when I'm outside of my routine, and other times I don't. Yesterday was one of those days. Mom went from mess to mess, cleaning up after me. As soon as she started cleaning up the mess I had just made, I went on to a new one. She tried to be proactive and play with me, but there are two other kids, and Dad is sick right now too. Mom's breaking point was a shampoo incident. She recently bought shampoo in the form of a bar because I was dumping liquid shampoo left and right. She figured that a solid bar would put an end to cleaning up shampoo and supporting Suave. :) She was wrong. While she was checking up on Dad to see if he needed anything, I got into the shower, grabbed the bar of shampoo and scraped/smeared it all over the bathroom. When she found me (she had been in there less than 5 minutes) I was standing IN the toilet, the bar of shampoo was in there with me (she is SO glad I didn't flush it), and bar shampoo was everywhere. She was not happy. She had a long way to go before bedtime, so she just hung on until then, and I managed to live through the day. :) Today I went to school, so it should be a better day--maybe.

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Jackie said...

what a naughty boy you were.......

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