Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit with Bond in 4 days!

Bond is coming for a weekend visit in 4 days! Denise is bringing him down on Thursday and giving Mom a crash course on what to do over the weekend! I have swimming lessons, horse riding and church, so Bond will go all of those places with me (and who knows where else we'll go).

Mom is VERY excited Bond is coming especially after the trouble I got into today. She had just told my dad that it was too quiet when she came upon my masterpiece of destruction--THE BATHROOM. It's been a while since I've had a "good" disaster (the minor ones aren't always worth noting--if it's just dumping shampoo out, but not smearing it everywhere, it's not a disaster--just an inconvenience). Mom hasn't figured out how I did it yet, but I flooded the bathroom and then "toilet-papered" it. Little clumps of toilet paper were everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE). Lets start from the top: the sink (and the toilet as well) was full of water with toilet paper in it, followed by the counter covered in water (with water pouring over the sides). The drawers and cabinet were full of water (ruining the contents of the drawers and 23 rolls of toilet paper that were under the sink--but who's counting?) There was standing water in the cabinet as well as all of the water that was absorbed into the towels. Moving to the outside of the cabinet--toilet paper wads all over it. Finally, the floor--1/4" of standing water that was running out onto the carpet in the hallway. She's got most of the mess cleaned up, and I just saw her stealing a few bites of my sister's chocolate muffin drizzled with chocolate syrup--doesn't she know that is going to ruin the workout she did earlier? Oh well--it probably made her feel better :). So there you have it! I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes with Bond. I may even try to blog daily--that's only if I have enough time in between making messes!


Jackie said...

oh sure did get into a mess of trouble little buddy....hum...maybe bond will be able to keep you entertained instead of the water and toilet paper fun you had

Sawyer said...

Aaron, Can you let your mom know that thanks to her my birthday weekend was really not that bad. Becuase after reading your story I am grateful for the crap my children pulled while I was sick let alone the non support of a certain other adult. I love you guys and will be praying tonight and the rest of the week. Love ya!

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