Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bond's first day

Well, it's one of the days we've been waiting for--Bond's first overnight visit. We met Denise at Costco this morning, and we walked Bond around and did a little shopping (specifically to replace the toilet paper I destroyed a couple of days ago--if you don't know the story just scroll down). After that Denise came to our house and gave Mom and Dad a crash course on dog training/what to do/and a whole bunch of other information. Mom's head was spinning about this point, and she was jotting down a bunch of notes...poor thing. We needed to get Bond some treats and a little more food so Mom convinced Denise to take us down to our local Country Store (she really just wanted an excuse to have one more lesson of going out in public--little did she know that would be the easy part). Once done with The Country Store Mom dropped Denise off at her car and decided to take me on a couple more errands. We went to the grocery store to get me some chicken strips because I was starving. Then we went on to Costco to get Bond a doggie bed, and then to Pet Smart to get the remaining supplies. Bond and I did pretty good. We went home and took a rest, and then left again for swimming lessons. Again, Bond did well--he watched me swim the entire time. So that was the outing section.

Now for the home section--HOLY COW! Mom knew it was going to be work, but didn't realize the weight of the work. First of all, she's a perfectionist and doesn't want to mess anything up--so that doesn't really help her all that much. Then there's Pippin--our sweet, HYPER golden retriever. He was so excited at the prospect of a new playmate only to find out that the playmate isn't there to play. So now that we're at home Mom has to make sure that Pippin and Bond don't play, that Bond pretty much ignores Pippin, that Cameron and Madison ignore Bond, and that Bond hangs out with Aaron (and makes sure that Pippin gets some attention--but Bond can't see that). She's pretty much decided that she needs to be cloned, so if any of you out there know how to get your hands on a magical cloning machine let me know.

What about me and my reaction (because that's really what this is all about right)? Well, so far pretty good. My biggest complaint is that he's in my space a lot--but apparently that's what is supposed to happen...I only escorted him out of my room twice today--the rest of the time I tolerated him :) In public I hold onto his vest and just hang out. It's going to take a while to get this whole thing flowing. This is only day 1, so we'll see how tomorrow goes! I think Mom is going to find a place for Pippin to hang out tomorrow though! I'll keep you posted!

Me and Bond hangin' at Costco

Me and Bond hangin' out in my bedroom

I'm peeking at the camera from around Bond's behind...


noel joy said...

so far so good. good thing you have a super mom aaron. ;)

Jackie said...

Aaron...give your mom a really big hug for me....cuz she deserves is...she is a saint :)
You be a good boy and bond with Bond :)

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