Friday, June 19, 2009

Bond Day 2

Well we survived day 2! This has been a lot more work than any of us expected. Don't get me wrong, we didn't think this was going to be a piece of cake; however, any of you out there who are thinking about getting a service dog I have a message for you: THIS TAKES A LOT OF WORK!!!!

I thought I'd give day 2 a grand entrance at 4:00 this morning! Yup, I woke up and went to Mom & Dad's room to play on the computer--well there was a problem with that (well there were lots of problems with that, but the one I'm going to tell you is this). Bond came with me (which is what he is supposed to do by the way). With Bond coming with me, that meant Pippin (our golden retriever who is 1 year-old--for those of you who haven't been following the blog) woke up, and was quite excited that there was someone to play with. Mom woke up to the dogs romping around--which is a BIG no no. She put me and Bond back to bed and locked the door. I stayed up and they finally had to get me out of my room at 6:30 because of my persistent knocking. Dad got up and took me and Bond on an errand and then out to breakfast at a local cafe. Bond was really good--sitting under the table, and I got to enjoy a big old cinnamon roll.

When we got back Bond and Pippin started playing again so Mom kept having to separate them. She didn't realize how hard it was going to be to keep them apart. She ended up calling her mom to see if she would take Cameron and Madison (she figured if she got rid of 2 it would be a little easier)--Grum (my grandma) took them and Pippin so that Bond would have a chance to hang around with me and not be distracted by everyone else.

So we spent part of the day at the house--Bond following me around, and then we went to Target, the grocery store, and off to horse riding. Bond has never been around horses so it was a new experience for him. He did pretty well (picture 3), and he watched me most of the time. After Pippin and the brother and sister came home, it turned out to be a fairly mellow evening. Mom didn't have to separate the dogs from playing too many times--I think Pippin was exhausted from running around with the dogs at Grum's house.

So that's where we're at. There isn't anything planned for tomorrow, but Mom is thinking about some sort of outing--we'll see tomorrow what she has in store for us. Right now though I need to go to bed--I was up early this morning--and Mom REALLY needs to go to bed! I'll try to blog tomorrow too!

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